2022 Look Back

Here is to 2022 , a look back at a terrific year filled with tremendous joy and gratitude. Together we were able to donate our time to better our communities and the lives of those around us,
We partnered with the The Salvation Army International Outreach program to participate in food packaging event that would end up creating 15,000 meals to be distributed to local communities in need.
We teamed up with Valley Interfaith Community Resource Center and Mrs. Tris Caserio Graphic Arts Class from Laurel High School to deliver cards and sweets to senior meals in the spring and in the fall we contributed potted plants and handmade cards from the Religious Education Program at St. Genevieve Catholic Church.
We used our District Grant to purchase playground activity equipment for Rio Vista Elementary School and Lankershim Elementary School!
We became a sponsor for Music Mends Minds, Inc. and now work with the organization to put on weekly Wednesday concerts right in studio city! See our event page!
We connected with Together We Rise and other rotary clubs and donated duffle bags filled with goodies to be given to Pennylane, an organization that cares for 3500 abused and neglected children, youth, and families a month.
In October we held our annual Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton Halloween Picnic, the turn out was fantastic! 
Not to mention our donation drives for Camp Pendleton and other local community organizations!
Here is to 2023!
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 Camp Pendleton Halloween Picnic

"Back in October I had the pleasure of volunteering with Studio City & Sherman Oaks Rotary at Camp Pendleton. We met just outside the base, all of our cars packed with the necessities to host a Halloween Picnic for Active Marine Families. Food was cooked and served as lines of families dressed up in their Halloween attire came to be a part of the soiree. Hot Dogs, Chili, Chips, Drinks, Bounce Houses, Face and Pumpkin Painting all with Halloween goodies at the end, a true Halloween Picnic. It was a beautiful experience, one I got to capture in the video below, and would like to share with you. As someone who is new to volunteer work, my takeaway was the impact that my small actions can create, and when you add them on to actions done by other people together, the reverberation is fantastic. What a brilliant way to show up for oneself while serving others and the greater good. My advice going into the New Year, find time to work within your community and outside yourself, you might be surprised by the results. - Volunteer, Brenna Jorgensen, Studio City & Sherman Oaks Rotary 
See Video of Event Here:
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Rotary SCSO contributes to Vally InterCommunity Council

The Rotary Club of Studio City & Sherman Oaks came together to make our contribution to Valley InterCommunity Councila well-established nonprofit organization serving the San Fernando Valley communities since 1964 by working with the City of Los Angeles to provide critical social services such as nutritious hot meals, health and wellness activities, all designed to raise older adults’ quality of life and overall well-being.

The rotary club came together to pot plants and collect handmade cards from the students of the Religious Education Program at St. Genevieve Catholic Church. 

We presented our contribution to Kathy Amman from the center. 

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Pennylane Presentation

The Rotary Club of Studio City & Sherman Oaks partnered w/ other rotary clubs in the Los Angeles Area to work with Together We Rise a non profit organization dedicated to transforming the way youth navigate through the foster care system in America.
Rotary Club of Studio City & Sherman Oaks prepared duffle bags, filled with goodies that included teddy bears, blankets, coloring books with crayons, and a personal care pack. The event took place at the Salvation Army complex in San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, CA. Rotary pf Studio City & Sherman Oats presented the duffles to Pennylane a nonprofit organization that cares for over 3500 abused and neglected children, youth and families a month.
Joe Khoury is pictured below showing one of the packed duffle bags. 
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Do You Know The Jazzanovas?

Every Wednesday, 1:30 to 3:30, the Rotary Club of Studio City & Sherman Oaks works with the musical group The Jazzanovas as they perform live.
The Jazzanovas are a musical group with Music Mends Minds, a non profit organization that creates musical support groups for individuals with Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, traumatic brain injury, PTSD, and other neurological disorders. 
Their performances are free and everyone is welcome. Come join us any Wednesday of the month for live music and a good time. 
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Rotarians Donate Playground Activity Equipment

Rotary used its 2021-22 District Grant to purchase playground activity equipment for RIO VISTA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL and LANKERSHIM ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 
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Spring Senior Meals!

The Rotary Club of Studio City-Sherman Oaks helped deliver Spring Cheer to seniors this month!  
We teamed up with Valley Interfaith Council , an organization that provides services for seniors including Home Delivered Meals. They deliver 150 meals each week and this week added a little extra to their deliveries! With Mrs. Tris Caserio Graphic Arts Class from Laurel Hall School, we asked for and received brilliantly designed, thoughtful and fun greeting cards to go with each meal delivered!  Our Rotary Club sweetened the deal with some yummy See’s chocolates! We know this little thought brightened someone’s day!
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Outreach Food Packaging Event 

On Saturday, March 12, 2022 The Rotary Club of Studio City-Sherman Oaks partnered with the Salvation Army Outreach program to participate in a food packaging event. We gathered alongside other 13 different Rotary Clubs,  good citizens, parents, and students of Hale Charter Academy to put together around 15,000 meals to be distributed to the local communities in need. This event also raised money to help the children’s centers in Tanzania, Africa We sent over 4000 of those meals to the Valley Food Bank which serves over 8000 families every month. 
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Clothing for St. Charles Borromeo Church

Posted by Jim Miceli on Mar 31, 2016
Studio City- Sherman Oaks Rotarians cleaned out their closets during the month of January and collected 475 pounds of clothing to be donated to St. Charles Borromeo Church Service Center.  The Service Center has been open since 1984 providing free food, clothing, toiletries, books, toys, and small household items to the needy in the community.  Pictured making the donation are (L-R) Jim Miceli, Bruce Hanrahan, Bernie Weitzman, Barbara Weitzman, and Ray Vega.
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